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When you have a special event, you want to travel in style. Riding in your car means worrying about cleaning it, inside and out, as well as maintenance and driving during your special event. That’s why so many people choose to hire a limo service in Charlottesville VA for special events. Teenagers heading to the prom will often schedule a limo, as will many happy couples on their wedding days. It’s easy to find a limo; Charlottesville has several companies that offer services. However, few of them offer the service and competitive, affordable pricing of Piedmont Limo & Tours.

Piedmont Limo & Tours is a cutting-edge limo service in Charlottesville, offering not only exceptional service but also innovative logistics services. Do you need a bridal pick-up at one location and multiple visits to locations like hair salons before reaching the venue for the service? How many people will be riding from the service to the reception? Can you pick a limo that coordinates with your overall theme for the wedding? With some limo services, you’d pay a premium for coordination, logistics, or a driver on standby. At Piedmont Limo & Tours, we offer exceptional service and prices.

You won’t have to worry about permits, logistics, planning or routes when you hire Piedmont Limo & Tours. We include logistics in our services, which sets us apart from many rental services. We’ll even take special steps to take care of your guests’ personal needs and comfort. We also create contingency plans in case of a sudden, unexpected emergency, like a motor vehicle accident blocking a main road on the planned route. Because it can take a while to create an optimal solution to your special day’s needs and itinerary, we recommend scheduling with us at least a full month ahead of time.

Piedmont Limo & Tours Offers Affordable, Quality Limo Rentals

When you call for a limousine, you expect a clean, attractive vehicle. Some places that rent limos have incredibly aged vehicles that are clearly past their best years. Piedmont Limo & Tours has beautiful, clean, and well-maintained limos as well as impressively affordable prices. We’re often more affordable than other options for limo rental in Charlottesville. We also understand how important timeliness and attention to detail will be for special events in your life. Whether you’re looking for a limo for prom, a wedding, or an art gallery opening, we can help transport you in style to your destination.

There are many different styles, lengths, and colors of limousines available to rent. Don’t choose a Charlottesville limo service that only offers one standard limo. At Piedmont Limo & Tours, we have a massive fleet with a variety of vehicles. Our automobiles are truly beautiful, inside and out. We understand that maintenance is critical to providing reliable transportation, which is why we take great care to ensure that each vehicle in our fleet is well maintained. Additionally, our vehicles have attractive wood trim, which makes them beautiful to ride in for any special event.

Whether you need a stretch limo, a classic vehicle like a 1930 Packard, or something rustic like our 1948 Ford Stake Bed truck, we can provide attractive rental vehicles that will fit with your special event’s theme and personal sense of style. We are happy to work with your wedding or event coordinator or planner to make sure everything is as it should be, both inside and outside of the vehicle, to ensure your special day is magical.

You Can Trust the Drivers at Piedmont Limo & Tours

Some limo services have drivers who are only moonlighting in the field. At Piedmont Limo & Tours, our fleet is operated by professional, experienced and licensed chauffeur drivers. That professionalism extends to their uniformed appearance, which can help you make an entrance at your special event. Our drivers are consummate professionals who will put your needs and the comfort of your guests at the top of their priority list. You shouldn’t have a poorly dressed or rude driver ruining the overall mood on your special day.

If you need pick-up from the airport or a hotel, Piedmont Limo & Tours can handle it. If you need guests transported from a service to a reception, our fleet can do that, too. If you just want the guests of honor transported in style, you can rely on us. Contact Piedmont Limo & Tours today to arrange for limo service for your next special event in Charlottesville!

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